Apr 11, 2010

Interview with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Maura Corrigan

In 1989, I completed an 18-month stint as a research attorney with the Court of Appeals.  My next job was an associate attorney position in the appellate section of Plunkett & Cooney, then a Detroit-based firm.  Another attorney that joined the firm at the same time was Maura Corrigan.

At that time, She narrowly missed a choice (political) federal appointment as the U.S. Attorney for Detroit in the Bush 41 era.  It was a professional perk to work alongside Justice Corrigan for two-years before she was appointed to the Court of Appeals; subsequently getting elected to the Michigan Supreme Court.

In yet another example of how fast and wide legal information is spread via the Internet, an excellent podcast series known as "Assistance of Counsel" kicks-off with an interview with Justice Corrigan.  Assistance of Counsel is the product of former-Oakland County Prosecutor Paul Stablein, a partner in the Royal Oak firm of Flood, Lanctot, Connor & Stablein.

Stablin says, over time, the other Justices will be interviewed along with jurists from all levels of our legal system.  What a fantastic resource to learn about who our elected jurists are, and what they think.  

Good luck with the podcasts Paul; and keep your informative posts about our state's great common law tapestry coming.

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