Apr 21, 2010

Cell Phone Texting Ban Passes Michigan House

Distracted driving takes lives.  Many adults have experienced that sick feeling of guilt and relief when you realize you've crossed over the center-line because you were checking your cell phone.

For most of us, we swerve back to our lane, hoping for the best and, statistically, you're fine; you continue to your meeting or appointment.  Others, however, are not so lucky.  Many injuries and deaths result as the incidents of distracted driving sweep over our state's roadways.

The cause is the now-ubiquitous cell phone and our seemingly insatiable need to "stay-in-touch" with everyone and everything at all times.  The electronic criminal lawyer posted on this subject last spring, speculating that it would not be long before the law catches up with our irresponsible habits.

The Michigan Senate has already passed the main legislation and Governor Granholm has indicated she plans to sign the legislation immediately into law.

The proposed fines are $100 for a first offense and $200 for a second offense.  The House of Representatives are now working-out how violations will be recorded by the Secretary of State on a driver's master driving record.

Stay tuned and put your cell phones down when you are driving.