Oct 14, 2013

Bizarre Criminal Defendants

Some folks just don't take their own conduct seriously enough as it runs toward the seriously criminal.  Here are some examples from this week; some humorous some tragic.

In Montana, a 55-year old woman called 911 stating she was "too drunk" to get out of her car.  Guess what, she caught her 4th case of driving while under the influence of alcohol after the police assisted her from the car and took a sample of her breath.  She blew a .3; that's so drunk you are nearly dead.

In Canton, OH, a man crashed his car one afternoon last week.  When sheriff deputies arrived, the man fled the scene, ducking into a local bar upon briefly giving the deputies the slip.  Shortly thereafter, dispatchers were able to direct the sheriffs to the bar when they received a call stating a man had entered the bar saying he had been in an accident and "needed a drink".

And then this pitiful case from Washington state, where an 11-year-old and his friend set about plotting the murder of a classmate.  Fortunately for the young girl, school authorities were able to disrupt the plot when they found a knife and handgun in the boys knapsack.  When questioned by school authorities, the boy said that he planned to stab the girl to death while his buddy held off witnesses at gun-point.

The reason for the murder plot: the boy said the intended victim was "really annoying".  He was plea-convicted of conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder and faces sentencing next month.  If this is any indication of what he'll face, his buddy the accomplice was just sentenced to 4-years in juvenile detention.



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