Sep 22, 2011

Medical Marijuana Legislative Update

Three years after the passage of the medical marijuana referendum and its attendant Medical Marijuana Act, there have been many developments in Michigan's municipalities, within our legislature, and from the appellate courts.  This blog post is a snapshot of what is currently pending at the Michigan House and Senate.

            • HB 4661  Prohibits the operation of marijuana dispensaries near churches, schools, and day care centers; 
            • HB 4834  Requires photograph on a medical marijuana card; 
            • HB 4850  Limits transfers of medical marijuana; 
            • SB 416  Clarifies permissible causes of action under the Medical Marijuana Act;
            • SB 504  Prohibits dispensing medical marijuana within 1000 feet of a church or school; 
            • SB 506  Clarifies a "bona fide physician patient relationship" relative to the Medical Marijuana Act.

In addition to these bills, there is a growing patchwork of local ordinances further regulating permissible uses of medical marijuana; particularly grow operations and distribution networks.

Stay tuned for the latest on these legislative developments in this and other areas of our constantly evolving criminal law jurisprudence.

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